Edgar Allan Poe was one of the world's most influential writers and 2009 marked the 200th anniversary of his birth. He was the inventor of the Detective Novel and the Father of Science Fiction. Sherlock Holmes was based on a character Poe wrote 60 years before Conan Doyle and he is universally acknowledged as the inspiration of writers such as H G Wells (War of the Worlds), Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and as George Bernard Shaw said "We others simply take off our hats and let Mr Poe go first".

Lesser known are the intriguing details of Poe's remarkable life, which inspired his works. His mother dying in his arms when he was three years old, being forcefully separated from his first love, the tragic death of his young wife and his misplaced trust in Rufus Griswold, a rival poet motivated by jealousy and hatred. Even Poe's death is shrouded in the mystery he became so famous for creating.

These real events from Poe's bizarre life intertwined with some of his greatest works, form the basis of the story of this new musical.

All music & lyrics – Eric Woolfson
Produced by Eric Woolfson
Published by Woolfsongs Ltd
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