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Three songs from Dancing Shadows are included on the Somewhere in the Audience album.

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The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was album cover

Two songs from the musical, entitled 'I Can See Round Corners' and 'Along the Road Together', have been included on the  Eric Woolfson sings The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was album.

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Before Eric died in December 2009, he had started making recordings of his music in the Dancing Shadows musical. He had already completed all the music and lyrics which had been performed in Korean in the production that premiered in Seoul in 2007. However none of the recordings had been completed with English lyrics. His family decided to complete a demo CD of all the songs to promote Dancing Shadows to potential theatre producers (watch this space!!).

Eric's daughter, Sally, worked with recording engineers Haydn Bendall and Austin Ince (longtime colleagues who had worked with Eric for many years) to add the vocals. Eric had already decided on some of the singers he wanted to use and his family were thrilled that Steve Balsamo, Anna-Jane Casey and Jacqui Dankworth were able to fulfill his wish. We have decided to include some audio clips of these demos here to give you a flavour of Eric's music in the Dancing Shadows musical.

Dancing Shadows wins 5 Tony Awards
Eric's musical 'Dancing Shadows' swept the board at the 2007 Korean Tony Musical Awards against 71 other musicals. It was nominated for 8 awards and won 5 including:

  • Best Musical
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Ensemble
  • Best Music Director

The world premiere of DANCING SHADOWS was in Seoul, Korea in July 2007.

About Dancing Shadows

A musical inspired by the Korean play “Sanbul” (Forest Fire) written by the Korean playwright Cham Bum-Suk who sadly passed away in June 2006. The musical was commissioned by leading Asian theatre production company Seensee (Mamma Mia!, Aida, Chicago) who are breaking new ground in Asia, creating the musical very much with an international audience and market in mind.

The renowned playwright Ariel Dorfman (Death and the Maiden) wrote the book and Eric Woolfson, the music and lyrics. It was directed by British director Paul Garrington (Mamma Mia & Dirty Dancing) along with a world-class creative team, many of whom normally work in London’s West End.

The musical is an anti-war piece which unfolds like a folk fairy tale. Although inspired by an original Korean play, Ariel Dorfman masterfully developed a universal story.

The Story

Dancing Shadows takes place in a village in the mountains where only women are left – all the men have died or been sent to fight in a war. A young girl hides a man who has run away from the army, and falls in love with him, but her friend finds out and also falls in love with the man. The story is about their triangular relationshiop against a background of a futile war.