Gaudi Das Musical album cover

Weeks before he died, Eric completed the finishing touches to Gaudi. There is a new song, 'Nothing Can Change My Mind', which some of you may recognise from the APP That Never Was album, new characters who bring a bit of comedy to the show and other changes which have given Gaudi a new lease of life. Plans for future productions of this new version of Gaudi are in development for Germany and Asia.

The Story

The story of Gaudi, the musical, explores a writer’s dilemmas in sustaining artistic integrity, financial success and family life. Set against the backdrop of the buildings of Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi, the story winds between visual fantasy and the tragic reality of personal obsession.

The first scene is the backstage of a theatre where three young writers are nervously waiting to see who has won the prestigious Spanish prize for literature. One of the finalists (Don Parker) has dedicated his life to writing, inspired in his artistic dedication by his idol Antonio Gaudi.

Prior to the announcement of the winner, an agent (Mark Winner) and his attractive assistant (Isabella) pounce on the vulnerable Parker. They try to entice him into signing a deal with them to commercialise his work.

Mark Winner fixes the competition and Parker is the surprised winner. The dazed Parker escapes to the buildings of his idol, Gaudi, where he loses himself in the works of the genius who inspired him.

Isabella is sent by Winner to gently ‘persuade’ Parker to sign the agent’s contract. However, during her discussions with Parker, she is touched by his artistic dedication and begins to fall in love with him.

In the fiery Spanish atmosphere, the struggle between the forces of art, love and money escalate into a frenzy where the borders of fantasy and reality merge. The tension rises as the audience experiences the dilemmas facing Don Parker. Will he choose Mark Winner’s money, Isabella’s love or Gaudi’s dedication to his art?

Theatre Production History

Between June 1993 – March 1997 over half a million people saw the musical Gaudi in Germany alone. There have so far been three productions of Gaudi in the following theatres in Germany:- Stadt Theater in Aachen (1993) an 800 seat theatre; Euro Music Hall in Alsdorf (1995) an 800 seat theatre, and Euro Dome in Cologne (1996) a 1,750 seat theatre which was purpose built to house the musical. There has also been a touring production of the show since 2005 in Germany.